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Adding aroma to your lives, Kraft dè kashmir brings the natural and organic flavour of Saffron.
Kashmiri saffron is a unique spice found in India, but not many people know that it’s also used extensively throughout the Arab world. Kashmiri saffron has a long history that dates back thousands of years and is widely acknowledged for its rich color, flavor, and aroma. And we at Kraft dè kashmir, deliver 100% pure and original Kashmir Kesar (Saffron) directly from the saffron fields of Kashmir.

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1. There are particularly four variants of pure and organic Kashmiri Saffron. The full strand found inside the saffron/kesar flower with a red top and yellow button is called lacha, being the first variant.

2. The next variant is the mongra saffron. This portion of the saffron flower is a deep crimson-red colored stigma that is enriched with the essential nutrients. Mongra is the purest and the most expensive form of Kashmiri Saffron.

3. It shares the same miraculous benefits as a full mongra strand, called the broken saffron being the third variant.

4. Zarda Saffron is just the tail of red filament from the flower which is found at the bottom of saffron lacha, thus the fourth variant of saffron.

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